A hub for faith and moral communities advancing the High-Efficiency Mask-based COVID Elimination Strategy.


The mission of ChooseLife.Today is to empower faith communities with information on the needed efforts to bring community transmission of COVID-19 to Zero, as well as ongoing interventions to prevent the resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 transmission.

Success Stories

As of April 2021, the numbers of infected individuals have been rising in many regions; given the lack of strong action, we expect it will continue to rise. Despite this, we have witnessed many communities who have successfully eliminated COVID-19, returning to normal life; your community can do it too.

Coronavirus is Airborne

According to aerosol experts, there is compelling scientific evidence that SARS-CoV-2 spreads by aerosol (airborne) transmission. Aerosols linger in the air, like smoke, ranging from seconds to hours, and can travel large distances.

Primary Routes of Infection

Our nose and mouth are the primary routes of transmission. Without entering the human body, the virus cannot replicate or mutate. Therefore, it will eventually cease to exist. 

Cut the Routes of Transmission Effectively

The masks that are generally used by the public can be quite ineffective as a result of being very leaky, allowing in some cases up to 80% of airborne particles to penetrate one’s mask. This has led many individuals to the conclusion that all masks are ineffective, and worse, has resulted in giving individuals a false sense of security.

Unique Advantages of High-efficiency Masks

High-Efficiency Masks significantly reduce the risk of getting sick,  barring the virus from our bodies, to begin with. These masks will protect us regardless of which SARS-CoV-2 variant we are exposed to. Using those masks could dramatically lower the spread of other contagious diseases such as influenza or the common cold.

High-Efficiency Mask Based Covid Elimination Strategy

The High-Efficiency Mask Based Elimination Strategy is a non-pharmaceutical intervention that can move community coronavirus transmission to Zero. They could help us eliminate the virus from our bodies, homes, and communities in a relatively short amount of time.

Why Faith Communities are Needed

Unfortunately, the (minimal) prospective financial profit of a high-efficiency mask elimination strategy results in it being moot in the modern environment of “special interest groups” to lobby decision-makers, no matter how fruitful of an intervention it is.

Morally Essential, but Financially not Attractive

The low financial yields do not justify engaging in “perception management” by public relations companies, as seen for the vaccination strategy. Therefore, an effort to distribute high-efficiency masks must be organized and promoted at the community level.

Extend your Network

The clerical and lay leaders have adopted the responsibility to galvanize and empower the broader community to protect itself and one another, regardless of state and municipal reopening strategies. They hold a unique opportunity to extend their network, even among atheists and agnostics, for the greater good of their communities.



Direct your congregants to learn about proper selection, usage, and decontamination of PPE.


Ask your followers to sign the petition for free High-Efficiency masks to eliminate COVID-19.


Encourage your community to organize the distribution of high-efficiency masks for your people.


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